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Thank You

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Struggling with depression and anxiety for 7 years, I had worked with various counsellors and cognitive behavioural therapists; with varying degrees of success. Some of which were private sessions and some of which were through my work & GP. Each time I finished working with a particular therapist I would feel like I was in a reasonable place and had ‘sorted’ things in my head. But after a period of time I would return to how I was originally feeling, which would reinforce my feelings of being a ‘failure’.

It was through my GP I was eventually referred to Anjalee. At this time I was at one of my lowest points. My journey was a slow one, with me finding it very difficult to trust and open up. Many of my early sessions were spent with Anjalee hitting a ‘brick wall’ at every attempt to help me explore my feelings. However, Anjalee persevered, she never gave up on me, like I had done on myself. Thank goodness!

As I finally began to open up to Anjalee & make progress, my GP referral sessions came to an end. Financially unable to continue our sessions I was disappointed I would not be able to carry on with our work. Thankfully, my wonderful & supportive family; seeing how much progress I was making for the first time in a long time, assisted me financially so I could continue our sessions.

I was able to open up to Anjalee about issues I had never felt able to discuss with other therapists, mainly the issue of self harm. Talking about this made me feel guilty and ashamed, but Anjalee’s demeanour and sensitive approach made it impossible to feel like any topic is ‘out of bounds’.

I have recently felt ready to finish my sessions with Anjalee, and it feels so different to any other time. Before, when I felt like I was in a reasonable place, I now realise that I was nowhere near! I am the happiest I have been in years and my life has completely turned around. I have been slowly reducing my antidepressant treatment with my GP since working with Anjalee, and am now on a very low dose. Things are ‘coming together’ nicely. But most importantly, even when things are not going my way, I feel equipped to deal with problems, rather than let them get on top of me.

I cannot say thank you to Anjalee enough. It may be said that she’s just doing a job, which she gets paid for. But it’s much more than that. She gives her clients her all, and cares deeply about helping others find their way, her dedication is priceless and unwavering.

Thank you for everything Anjalee. I never thought it possible to feel happy again. I’m glad you helped me find the ‘real me’ I thought I’d lost… And that you got to meet her!

RH – Broxbourne, Herts

Thank you so very very much for all your help. You have been brilliant because you possess a very amenable, understanding nature with a demeanour and approach that continuously made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. This allowed me to really get things off of my chest and open out and look at the problems. But what I found unprecedented was the extremely insightful comments and observations you made for me when I couldn’t join the dots in my own head, and that was without knowing me for very long which is really impressive and has helped me massively to address who I am (and who I am not) as a person. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work!!

If I am ever low again at any point in the future, I can assure you that if it is geographically convenient (ie I don’t end up in Australia long term), then you will be the first port of call for any further counselling requirements I might have.

AH – Ware, Herts

I found my consultations with Anjalee to be very useful.  Every week I would arrive at my appointment thinking that I had nothing to say, and by the end I would find that time had run out and I could have kept talking for another hour! … The sessions are very relaxed and Anjalee is a very good listener who gently, but positively, encourages you to speak about ‘how you feel’.

I firmly believe that my sessions with Anjalee were beneficial and greatly assisted me in dealing with the emotional difficulties I was experiencing.

I would happily recommend Anjalee to anyone who is considering therapy.

GL – Ware, Hertfordshire

I had experienced periods of feeling low before, but had compartmentalised each episode and never dealt properly with what had happened. Then late last year (2011) I began to feel low but put it down to starting a new job and not enjoying it so much and just thought “oh it’s fine, 2012 will be your year- new year, new start” etc etc. Come March I was deeply miserable and felt like a broken record telling people I was “ok” or “could be better” – I am young and shouldn’t I be loving life?!?! I began to Google what I felt – nervous, miserable, guilty and I soon came across Anjalee through an online database. I emailed her and then freaked out. Surely I could get through this by myself? My problems aren’t that bad, getting therapy is a bit dramatic isn’t it? So I left it for a few weeks until I had just an awful day and enough was enough. That follow up email touched on how I felt I had failed and Anjalee was quick to pick up on this and deal with it early on so that I could dispel that feeling and concentrate on my journey.

Counselling was not what I had expected – I thought I would tell Anjalee my problems and she would sit for an hour and tell me how to fix them. But the truth is, to really help yourself you need to explore areas of your life you probably didn’t think were relevant. Anjalee really helped me to look at all the areas I needed to: she knew how help me ‘unpack’ all the elements that made up my issues, then helped me sort out what was useful in my life and what I could let go of, and all in a way that was gentle but very effective! I never felt as if I was being pushed too far or too fast.

Over the weeks, all of those episodes that I had compartmentalised came together and suddenly I had a take on my life that I hadn’t had before, and that became part of the process of accepting my past as part of me rather than something to keep trying to forget as if it hadn’t happened. I can now look on my life so far and be proud, and also be confident in myself and the skills that Anjalee has given me for the future.

Anjalee never made me feel that what I was saying was trivial or strange, nor did I ever feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to say what I wanted to say. I owe a huge amount to Anjalee, and am so glad I found her when I did.

Thank you Anjalee!

RW – Hertfordshire

When I contacted Anjalee it was in search of counselling. I lost my first child three and a half years ago, he was born very premature and developed complications when he was ten weeks old. I knew I needed help with managing the daily impact my grief still had on so many aspects of my life. Primarily, the guilt and intense fear that consumed me when ever I thought of my son. I knew it was preventing me from connecting with the beautiful moments we shared together. It also impacted on how I felt about myself and consequently my relationships.

After our initial meeting, I sent the following email to Anjalee: “What I would like to be able to do (if it is possible) is work through what happened to J (and to us as his parents) so that I am able to think of him / talk about my wonderful son and the precious moments we shared with out immediately being ‘taken over’ by the intense terror, panic, guilt and pain I felt during the most difficult times.”

When I wrote those words, I hoped but did not really believe this would be possible. It is very difficult to put into words how it feels, now my hope has been achieved. It may not be possible to have my son back in body, or for him to have his life back with us, but it is truly wonderful to reconnect with the unique bond I share with him. Now the pain of his loss is intertwined with the joy of him being my son.

No matter how much time has passed, it‘s not too late to connect again with the love you share with the child you have lost – if you are able to understand the barriers that are getting in the way.

Anjalee helped me identify those barriers for myself. She has also helped me look at my own behaviour, thoughts and feelings with out judgement … quite an achievement as I think I told her in our very first session that this would never be possible. This has consequently had an overwhelmingly positive impact on how I understand and act in all aspects of my life. I now have the confidence to trust what I feel to be true.

LC – Ware

My turning point for seeking help was my wanting to end a loving 17 year relationship because I felt I didn’t live up to what my husband should have PHYSICALLY in a wife. My husband should have been with a 6ft tall, legs up to her neck, 6 pack, pert boobed, jessica rabbit look a like.

For as long as I could remember, I always hated the way I looked and resigned myself to the fact I would never like my body. I felt like crap, a  worthless, ugly, fat, women who was striving to be something I could never be. I was a perfectionist, trying to obtain the perfect body and face so that I could be my husbands equal. I have to note here though that my husband never gave me cause to think the way I did, he loved me and told me daily I was beautiful, I just didn’t see what he did.

My journey of self discovery began with Anjalee in May 2010 after finding her on the Accredited Counsellor website. Determined to find out why I hated myself so much I put pen to paper in a hope that my ramblings would give Anjalee some insight into my life.

Its hard to describe the journey I took with Anjalee. I cried loads, I laughed some, I analysed my relationships. I went back to school days, right through to present day. Anjalee used her knowledge, expertise and skills in past life and clearing energies to help me think more clearly and understand what my real issues were.

It wasn’t easy and some days I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. Some days I was stuck to think WHAT was causing me to feel the way I did, some days it felt impossible, however 6 months on and my therapy is finished. I am not ugly, I am not, and have never been fat, I’ve got a great pair of legs (even if I do say so myself). My problems routed all the way back, starting at school, right up to perhaps around 20 years old (I’m 36 now).  My hang ups were from experiences that I would never have pinned down without the help of Anjalee.  She always told me I had the answers, I just needed help finding them.

I found Anjalee to be a  warm, caring, understanding women with whom I felt totally at ease. A women who I shared my deepest darkest secrets with, who helped me find ME again.

My life has changed beyond what I ever thought possible, I feel free to live my life again, loving me, something I haven’t done in years.

MM – Ware

I am very much a black and white man, i.e. no grey areas. Anjalee soon made me realise this was not the case. A very professional lady. Anjalee, on or after the second meeting, made me realise exactly what the problem was and within a further 2/3 meetings we worked and identified the solution. I was very wary of the fact, for want of a better phrase, of “seeing a shrink” thinking this is going to be lots of ahh, mmm, tell me about, how does that make you feel. I couldn’t have been further from the truth. Anjalee identified quickly what the problem was and how to overcome it. She made it seem very easy and we shared a few tears and laughs along the way. My
sleeping pattern is better and I feel a lot better about who I am.

PD – Hertfordshire

Anjalee was a wonderful counsellor. Over our sessions she helped me to feel less tied up by my issues and learn to cope and deal with feelings that had previously been negatively affecting my behaviour and relationships with friends and family. I did feel like it helped me a great deal just to be able to unburden in a non-judgemental environment. I had mentally tied myself in knots, for various reasons related to self-worth and self-image, which was affecting my mood and behaviour and I couldn’t work out how to change it. Having the opportunity to speak without fear of repercussion, particularly about things that I either would normally consider inconsequential, or would feel guilty about if I spoke openly…was probably key, but not being judged was important.

SB – Ware, Herts


From the minute I met Anjalee I felt quite comfortable and at ease. During the actual hypnosis process, I never felt at any time that I was not in control of the situation. On the contrary I was quite aware of my surroundings and of what Anjalee was saying. However it happened, and I don’t pretend to understand it, for me it has been a completely successful experience. With just one visit, I no longer have the compulsion to eat chocolate that I have had for most of my adult life, and as the weeks progress it has become the norm to not even consider it. If you had told me this three months ago, I would not have believed it. Anjalee has changed how I feel about myself from negative to positive and I have benefitted by having had a good weight loss.

MP – Hertfordshire

Hypnotherapy helped me change my eating habits by giving me the control back. Anjalee’s session was really helpful and I learnt to say no to chocolate and sweet things. Listening to her CD helps me maintain control. Weight loss and feeling healthier has been the result. Thank you Anjalee.

VE – Hertfordshire

Regression Therapy

Just few words to show my gratitude to you. I have came for a session 13 of December this year, my life has been very challenging in the last few years, I have lost confidence, hope, and courage. Consumed by fear and depression, I have tried different forms of therapy in the past. Also I have had regression and hypnotherapy done in the past but nothing seemed to be working, as you know my life has been tough. Yet after seeing you everything is changing. Yes everything! In my head, because that’s where we needed to start. I’m in such a good place now, and is getting better and better every day. I’m so grateful to you, and sincerely thank you for choosing path of becoming healer, as I think you have got unique gift to help others. I haven’t felt this positive in last 3 years. Moreover I would recommend your session to anyone who is straggling and can’t cope with life anymore. Thank you so much, bless you and keep helping humans.

LA – Poland

I decided to have a regression with Anjalee after thinking about it for some time. I had been suffering for many years from panic attacks during my sleep which were very frightening and did not have any context to my life. I used to wake up thinking I was suffocating and was going to die. It had become more frequent, sometimes every night. I have also over the years become interested in reincarnation…if there are more lives than one. Anjalee was very reassuring during the session and helped me feel very relaxed. Once in deep relaxation, she took me in my imagination to a place where I started to see things unfold. At first I wasn’t sure if I was just making it up, but images kept coming and even names – getting stronger and stronger as she took me through this other “life”. I was surprised, but not shocked, to find out that I was a man, and my life progressed from the turn of the century to the Second World War, where I was apparently in charge of a regiment of soldiers in North Africa. My men and I were killed in an explosion. I put my hand over my mouth with the smoke and fumes…it was a very emotional but on the other hand a very calming experience. Since the regression three weeks ago, I have not suffered any panic attacks at night.

I would certainly recommend having regression with Anjalee; she made me feel very comfortable, answered all my questions and I felt safe at all times. I recommend her to anyone hoping to find out if things in their current life are connected to the past. If you are open-minded about the outcome, you will certainly be fascinated by what it reveals.

PG – Ware, Herts

Past life regression has added perspective to the source of my current life issues I have been experiencing. Never underestimate relationships of the past and their effect on the future. This knowing has enabled me to move on with life’s journey with more confidence in myself. I would recommend Anjalee as unbiased and trained professional able to give clarity to seemingly complex realms of the past…

AKD – Hitchin, Herts

I had past life regression with Anjalee, and it was one of the best things i have ever done ,as it helped to let go of my past demons, and all the things that i have been holding on to that have stopped me from growing, Anjalee really is a very warm and caring person, she was a great help, and I’m grateful that she could help me. I am now on way to a more healthy path ahead; thank you, Anjalee.

SM – Cheshunt, Herts