Being an effective person-centred counsellor is not so much a matter of possessing skills and knowledge, but of having a particular set of deeply-held values and beliefs and then being able to express these qualities in interactions with other people.

John McLeod, Person-Centred Counselling in Action

A little about me

In my work as a counsellor, I try to bring in my deeply-held values and beliefs through the way in which I interact with my clients, to help me provide the necessary relational conditions for effective therapy. To put this simply, I bring in my values and beliefs around spirituality.

Spirituality is fundamental to me as a person. I try and live my life with spirituality as a core principle. I read books based in spiritual thinking. I watch films that embrace spiritual concepts. Spirituality has become so important to me, that it underpins my way of thinking and my outlook, in both my personal and professional life. In line with my own spiritual beliefs and the movement towards change, I wanted to share three ideas that impacted me and continue to do so:

The first is about how it is possible to change the world. It may sound grand and idealistic, but it’s essentially about extending kindness and compassion. This clip is a trailer for a film called ‘Pay It Forward’. I love this concept. If you’re intrigued, get the film – and keep the tissues handy!

The second is about how it is possible to change things for your nearest and dearest. It is an experiment demonstrating how love (or the lack of it) can affect us all on even a cellular level. In this clip, you will see how Dr Masaru Emoto offers evidence that the energy and vibration of the spoken and written word affects water. If you’re wondering how that affects us, we are largely made up of water – which makes me think of how much illness and disease is directly linked to the negative vibration of all words coming from a place of hate and fear. If this clip stirs your interest, there are lots more like it on You Tube.

The third is about a simple rule for living that can change your own world for the better. It’s a clip by the wonderfully inspirational poet, author and civil rights activist, Dr Maya Angelou. It’s not about morals or judgement, but about what is ultimately good for you inside – sort of ‘chicken soup for the soul’. Anyway, it speaks for itself.

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“I would certainly recommend having regression with Anjalee; she made me feel very comfortable, answered all my questions and I felt safe at all times.”
PG – Ware

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“I would recommend Anjalee as unbiased and trained professional able to give clarity to seemingly complex realms of the past…”
AKD – Hitchin

Carey Therapy

I set up Carey Therapy in 2010, first offering only counselling and then widening the therapies to include hypnotherapy and regression therapy, and – more recently – I now offer counselling supervision.

I practice from my home in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. I live in a quiet, leafy road and see clients and supervisees in a lovely, calm consultation room, with its own external entrance. It’s on the ground floor, too, so access for those less able to walk is easy, as long as you can step up two steps.


Loss & bereavement

It seems that everyone has experienced loss in their life, whether it is a loss of a loved one through death, a loss of a job, a loss of direction or a loss of self-confidence. Some losses affect us so deeply, that it can leave you feeling bereft. I have done some in-depth training on loss & bereavement and use the knowledge and experience of this training in my work to help you move through the pain and beyond.

Trauma and PTSD

I have done some in-depth training on trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) using Somatic Body Therapy.